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How to Show your Cat you Love Them



One of the questions Puffin and I often get asked is how a cat lover can show their cat they love him or her.
This is interesting because we have to understand how the cat experiences our behaviour.

We looked around and found the article below, written by Rayne Hall, who describes herself
as a Crazy Cat Lady who trains cats.

We thought you would find it helpful to have a chance to read it……

“From your cats’ perspective, the fact that you feed them is already
a major sign that you cherish them.

What else can you do? Here are some suggestions.

Pet them – the way they like to be petted, and when they’re in the mood.
Talk to them – in a soft voice, saying their name.
Spend time with them – snuggling, playing, or whatever they enjoy.
And here are two clear “I love you” messages which your cats will understand:

Make eye contact. Blink both eyes slowly. Repeat several times. Among cats, this means “I love you”.
You may find that the cat returns the blink; this means “I love you too”. (But don’t be disappointed
if your cats don’t blink back – not every cat does this.)

Stroke your cat’s head. When cats like someone or something, they brush against them/it to transfer
its scent to mark the person/object as their possession.
The top of the head is the strongest scent-marker. That’s why cats often head-butt you to tell you they love you.
When you stroke your cat’s head, you’re saying, “I love you so much, I want to be your human. Look, I’m marking
myself with your scent.”
Your cats will like that, and probably purr with joy”.

We hope you enjoyed that short article and found it interesting. We would like to know more about how your cat reacts to your care and love.
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Regards from Puffin

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