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Dr-Liz Gordon

To introduce myself I include a picture of my gorgeous pair of dun horses which I am driving. We were competing in a National competition in Gloucestershire and it is my husband, John, on the back of the carriage acting as groom. I have spent a lot of my life enjoying horses, dogs, cats etc which have filled our home- Spring Farm.

I am known as Dr-Liz, which is my title in my work as a Relationship Psychotherapist. I work with people of all ages with relationship problems.

This has spilled over into a deep interest and understanding of the psychology and behaviour of animals. MY favourites by far are cats of all shapes, breed and size. Their total expectation that they are superior to all humans I find such fun!

I have had cats around me for more than fifty years. Having a friend who bred Burmese cats meant that most of my pets have been Burmese. Really special characters. Sadly, my friend died a while back, so my present leftovers cannot be replaced by her and are extra precious to me.

Most of the kittens I had from my friend were what we called rejects or seconds! They came to me because they had a fault either in their general health, or perhaps just too much of a runt for her to sell to a stranger. They always thrived and turned into special little characters having had to fight these problems in their early days.

Here is a typical young runt Kitten, prepared to take on one of my parrots!

My last kitten I had from Sheila is my 13 year old cat called Puffin. She will introduce herself later…

Puffin is so special that she is helping me to write this blog! She will keep you informed about life at Spring Farm and her thoughts and ideas about cat life in general.

I am so excited at meeting all you cat lovers. I want to read about your thoughts and ideas about your cats plus to talk about your problems or questions.

I hope you will all join the group Kat-Talk has created as a place we can exchange knowledge from our contact with these very special Animals. We all love cats and are continually learning from them how to serve them better.

I look forward to our contact through Kat-Talk and hope you will enjoy the wide variety of things you will find out about through our Blog and Group.

Talk Soon through Kat-Talk!


Meet Kat-Talk’s Chief Cat Executive Officer. Our VIP (Very important Pussycat!)

This is Puffin a 13 year old Burmese Cat.

Her colour is described as Blue.

She has had some times of excitement. She decided to take a Gap Year when she was 2 or 3 years old.

She disappeared from home without even a farewell purr. Luckily, a Neighbour, whose cat she regularly visited and beat up, worked on the big farm nearby. He saw Puffin at times in the garden where he worked and saw her sleeping in an old greenhouse.

We went there every day and left food, which got eaten, but she never joined us. After nearly a month she crashed in, one day, through the pussy flap and shouted she was home. A great relief and since then she has always stayed close to home comforts.

She loves watching me at the computer and tries to add her own thoughts to mine. On our blog she will have an area known as Puffin’s Pieces which she can fill with information about Kat-Talk.

Puffin will also tell you about the other inmates at Spring Farm and the day to day gossip. She looks forward to meeting you through the Kat-Talk blog and also when you join our Group. She will ’vet’ your application very carefully to ensure no undercover dog enthusiasts get accepted.

Puffin’s favourite video is any episode of Simon’s Cat on YouTube. She, too, is always asking to be fed, in case I disappear! Just like Simon’s Cat.

She expects all you cat lovers to watch and enjoy those funny videos.