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Is This Cat a Genius?


A Genius Cat?

Hello Everyone
Here in Suffolk, UK Puffin is lying in bright sunshine in the open doorway.
We hope it is a sign Spring will be coming soon!
In our Facebook Kat-Talk Group we get many really good pictures, videos etc
of members’ feline friends.
If you love cats, one post that caught my eye recently, was of Snowy, a beautiful cat,
playing her version of “find the lady”.
She is as sharp as a button and even studiously looks away whilst the cups are being
She never fails to put her paw on the correct cup, which hides her toy ball.
go to
and see for yourself.
Puffin is convinced Snowy is a genius….
Can you prove her wrong?
Whilst visiting the group, you can apply to join us, so you can post your
own stories of your cats etc.
Meanwhile enjoy watching Snowy…she is so laid back about her trickery.
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