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New Designs

Puffin has worked hard this week to upload a new set of alphabet letters. They have been designed

and drawn by a Professional indian Illustrator, who is thrilled to have had the chance to show what he can do, with the decorated lettering technique, he was able to use on our behalf.

First he showed us his ideas as sketches and we decided whether to have the cats’ eyes open or shut, where they should be looking etc.  Then the little heart emblem, we have on our logo, was also strategically placed for maximum benefit.  great fun for all of us!

Once the sketch was right, we came to the colouring process. I suggested white muzzles made the designs more attractive so they appear on many of the cats. The artist used oil paints to colour his sketches as this enabled him to be more fluid in the results he achieved. We pointed him to the colour variations of the real cats in the heading for out Kat-Talk Facebook Group and  other similar sources.

Each design has to be able to stand alone as it is printed on, perhaps, a luggage protector, or a pillow cover. It also has to blend with others if used to produce a short name such as Tom on the back-pack katomise design we did recently.

We hope you will enjoy exploring these new Katu Initial Designs, all of which you can see and enjoy by visiting our store at 

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