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Please Let Me Go

Phil Oliveira
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Line Landry

Dear Mr. Oliveira,

I’ve just finish reading Kingston story and you are so right, they do tell us when it is enough.

A few years ago, my sister and I had a beautiful white cat. Mr. Ping was his name. He was diagnosed with serious kidney problems at 16 years old. After talking to our vet, we’ve decided to go for the saline treatments twice a week. With those treatments, he would behave like a kitten. Life was good.

After two years and a half of treatments, one Saturday, while we were at the clinic for his treatment, he told us vocally that it was enough. We were, and are still, hearthbroken, but it was for the best… for his best.

Our vet put him to sleep and cried as much as Carole and myself but we all knew that we had to let go.

He had a great life with the two crazy sisters and couldn’t be more loved. He was blessed but not as much as us.

Thank you for sharing your story because sometimes I tell myself that we’ve should have done more. And you know what? No, we couldn’t.

Enjoy your other cats like we are enjoying Sam Winchester, our rescue black cat.

And thanks again, Mr. Oliveira, merci!

Line Landry

Dr-Liz Gordon

Thank you for your story. It is appreciated.
So long as they have a life to enjoy we can support them.
When thay life is too painful for them we are privileged to be
able to help them leave us in a gentle and dignified way.


God bless your hurting hearts. I feel your pain.


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