Puffin-Halloween – Kat Talk


Puffin’s Halloween Treat

Press Play and watch Puffin’s short message below

For the full details of Puffin’s special offer for orders placed before the end of September

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No tricks.. you can save a cool $3 off every item you order before September 30th

Order NOW so you wont miss this awesome opportunity to have these unique cat-lovers Halloween items for yourself and your friends too.

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Puffin is waiting to get you in the queue so don’t be late…it takes two to three weeks to process, design and create your order; so the early birds will catch, not the worm, but a  ghostly Kat Witch!

Order a Shoulder Totebag or Special Pillow Cushion Cover.

Perfect for carrying your tricks and bringing home your treats…

You will love the unique, ghostly Kat-talk design.

From Puffin

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