Puffin’s Feb 2nd Newsletter – Kat Talk

Puffin’s Feb 2nd Newsletter


Meow to all my subscribers,

It is still wintry at Spring Farm, but the aconites, snowdrops and crocuses

are all In full flower making my garden look cheerful and bright. Good to

wander round when the sun shines!

The alpacas have grown thick woolly coats which is very sensible.

They are looking forward to the spring grass starting to grow again,

but enjoying good hay as their main diet at the moment.

We have five boys named Danny, Michael, Ginger, Rusty and Jasper.

A very short video to introduce them, to you, will soon be found in

our blog   https://kat-talk.com.

It was taken last summer when they came home after their annual shearing .

It makes them look even more silly than ever!

Did You Know?…

February is the month of the Chinese New Year. I am a bit sad it is the year of the Dog.

I checked out and find there is no year of the Cat.

Back to my research I went.

What I discovered was that, when the Chinese astrologers discussed

their signs for the different years, cats had not been introduced to China.

I find it hard to imagine any Civilisation not being home to cats…

Don’t you?

Cats were introduced to China from India, I believe, much later and there was not a space to

Include them as worthy of a year’s celebration. Perhaps that means we are even more

special and unique!

If we had a year, perhaps we should follow the Rat.

I could catch and kill them in my younger days.

If you haven’t joined our Facebook Group yet, please do so and

I will love to welcome you to the group.

We are meeting some interesting people there.

Lovely Kat video, yesterday, of a mind reading cat who always found

the right mug hiding the cat’s favourite ball was posted by one of our members.

Go to:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/kattalk/

Our  store:  https://kat-talk.store is open and offering amazing items,

mostly from the unique designs of Judith Handford our resident English artist.

See how we can Kat-omize your personal initial onto pillow covers and tote bags.

They are gorgeous and unusual.

We do hope you will join our group and share good cat experiences with our other members.

I do look forward to seeing you there.

Look out for my emails keeping you up to-date with cat-life at Spring Farm.

I will be sending my Valentine’s Greetings to all your cats before 14th of February,

so make sure to read my emails!

Good talking to you

Purrs from Puffin of Kat-Talk



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