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Puffins First Piece

Hello and welcome to the Kat-Talk Blog.

I am excited to be able to talk to you about life at Spring Farm on a regular basis.

We live in quite a menagerie with plenty of space and freedom to come and go as we please.

Over the 13 years I have lived here I have had adventures and many happy times. Thy say cats prefer having their own territories and don’t like living in groups. This is not always true, particularly for Burmese cats.

We can often be seen piled in a heap, keeping each other warm, in a small bed…with several empty beds available. This is fine until some ill-mannered cat in the middle decides he or she is too hot for comfort and then the fur can fly!

We are all related as we were born at the same place from different Mothers. As young kittens, we used to spend time playing in our father’s chalet, which we enjoyed as it was exciting exploring new places. Also, my father played with us, ever so gently, but to teach us cat type skills for hunting and catching our prey.

I moved from The New Forest area in England to Suffolk when I was 10 weeks old. It was quite a long and scary journey on my own, but I soon settled in with new friends to welcome me. I was fascinated by Percy a Blue fronted Amazon Parrot who lived in the kitchen too. Not the kind of bird a young kitten could hunt.

Here is a picture of Percy teasing one of my predecessors… Harry…..who was a real rogue. He pretended to be brave but Percy’s sharp beak kept him at bay!

Spring Farm is a small farm of about 7 acres of grassland. It is surrounded by farmland and we all enjoy hunting for baby rabbits in the spring, or rats and mice all the year round.

Some of us are more energetic than others and so we have an agreement over who hunts where. The garden is inhabited by lots of birds, squirrels, the odd weasel and any rabbits who try to get through the wire fencing. Masses of field mice, shrews etc are good trainers for young kittens as they grow up. The older cats often bring them in live to help us learn the techniques, but this is not popular with Dr-Liz.

I have enjoyed writing my first piece, so you can meet up with the Chief Cat Executive Officer for Kat-Talk. Please ask your cats to write and tell us about their lives through their eyes so human servants can get to know more about what it is like being a cat.

Talk again soon
from Puffin (CCEO of kat-Talk)

P.S. My favourite Youtube Video is Simon’s Cat..I love the one about going to the vet. All kat-talk member cats should watch these videos on a regular basis. Full of great pranks to irritate our human servants.

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