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Puffin’s Judging Notes for Friday Fun Day

Puffin did a bit of ‘brain storming’ before judging the photos sent in for
Friday Fun Day.
She had a think about what she felt when she was totally happy and contented.
This helped her choose her winner….

1. A happy cat has to feel totally safe…not threats to his or her safety.
They can then switch off their safety radar and relax.

2. A happy cat, in Puffins thoughts, has a comfortably full tummy.
They are not under any pressure to go and hunt for food. So time
to sleep is in order. They KNOW where the next meal will come from!

3. A happy cat is usually alone or curled up for warmth with a safe,
close companion. This can be human, another animal or a comfortable
box/sofa/bed etc.

4. A truly happy cat will allow its belly to be seen…this is the vulnerable
area for a cat. It is only exposed with total relaxation, when everything is
100% right within their  own personal world.  There were several great
examples of this in the photos

5. The winning added touch was the YAWN, which was the final piece to the
Jigsaw in Puffin’s mind.

Puffin chose as her winner for to-day  Karen Hanlon’s yawning cat..
Feeling ever so relaxed on someone’s comfortable Chair



This is the winner’s prize…Karen Hanlon will receive

A download link for their prize winning picture…



Below are examples of how the picture could look on a pillow cover… or totebag!

Send Father Christmas a postcard





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