Puffins Piece Jan 10th – Kat Talk

Puffins Piece Jan 10th

Miaow to All,

I have been working hard looking through the newspapers to find articles that cats would find interesting. `Percy Parrot has been adding his two pennyworth over my shoulder!

We came up with the video about the cat that likes to go for rides on its horse friend’s back. He must be mad!  What I liked was there were no human’s shown in the video to spoil it.  The cat climbed on board on his own. The horse had no head-collar, or bridle on, when paddling through the river.

To watch the video click this link . https://business.facebook.com/kat.talk.store/

We animals can have so much more fun without human interference!  They are only needed to provide the comforts we expect from them when they share our lives.

What  unusual or special tricks does your cat like to do??….I would love to hear from you in the comments box.  I am working on our Kat Talk Letters

Here’s my P for Puffin.


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