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Tips for Helping Picky Eaters

Hi From Puffin
One of the questions often asked of Puffin is how to cope with a picky feeder
Some cats are just so choosy!
Her response is to suggest you think back to what cats have to do when
they live in the wild or feral as we say.  She says it is not natural for cats
to eat on a regular timetable with no effort in catching the food and often
not enough time to get hungry again before another meal appears.
Feral Cats dont just pop out to the local supermarket!
If you have to stalk out your prey for your next meal,..use all your tricks your mother taught you..before
jumping in for the kill you may be disappointed if the prey escapes.
Then it is back to the drawing board for the hungry cat.
If you make a kill, if it is tiny it may only be a starter course, but if it is a baby rabbit for example,
It may be enough for a real blow out . Gorging on a real tummy stuffer.  You eat more
than enough to satisfy you, because it could be a day or two before the next chance of a meal.
After eating, time for a good wash and then settle down for a long, long sleep..
Gorged and repleted!
So eat when hungry and after a real work out to get the meal. Then a happy cat can sleep it off.
The domesticated cat is never really hungry in a good home…..but may still stuff itself too
much to face another meal in a few hours.
Puffin’s advice is to watch your way of nurturing your cat…Tip one is dont over feed it.
Either very small portions, or one good meal a day depending on your requirements.
Puffin prefer two small meals. She and her gang are fed morning and at night as
they would hunt in the wild.
Tip two.. Puffin suggests if you find a few types of food your cat likes, stick with them
and alternate them, but dont keep trying to change the diet.  Cats dont like change.
f they say they wont eat your offering, walk away and a little while later remove it.
A couple of days, without a square meal, will  not harm a healthy cat, if they are not hungry.
Of course, check they are not showing signs of illness. Mostly they will be signs of
truculence and a battle of wits!
Tip three.. Puffin suggests if you have a truly sensitive cat, feed them somewhere quiet
or where they show you they would like to be fed. One of her friends insists on halfway
up the stairs as she can run either up or down if anyone scares her.
Tip four. A cat recovering from illness can quickly get full and be over faced with lots of meals.
Dont try to rush the convalescence.  If you are offering food to a queasy cat, they will sniff
and sniff before eating. In order to encourage them to eat, try putting wet food, or soft food,
in the microwave for no more than about 5 seconds. This will release the smell of the food
and attract them to eat it.
Puffin hopes those ideas may help you to find a way to keep your cat happy. Too much food
will make them picky and encourage them to become faddy feeders.
Happy hunting makes for happy eating
from Puffin
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